Air Canada Ame Collective Agreement

The five-year contract provides for wage increases of 8 per cent in the first year retroactive to August 8, 2018, 4 per cent in the second year, 2.5 per cent in the third year and two per cent respectively in the fourth and fifth years. Other strengths of the agreement include: « I want to congratulate the negotiating committee for its excellent work, they have created a foundation on which this membership can be based for years to come, » Freeman said. The sixty MEAs ratified the agreement by a margin of 100%. IAM Canadian GVP Stan Pickthall was also very satisfied. « It`s excellent contract management that sets a standard for other non-union airlines across the country. » The MAI is the largest air transportation union in Canada. For more information: Dave Freeman – IAM Transportation District Lodge 140 General Chairman 905-671-3192/416-254-5577 Bill Trbovich – IAM Director of Communications for Canada 416-386-17 89 Ext-31/416-735-9765 « We entered these negotiations because we knew, that over the past decade, Sunwing has experienced a high rate of wear and tear for licensed aircraft maintenance engineers, » Dave Freeman, President of IAM Transport District Lodge 140. « We told the company that if you want to keep your people, you have to pay them more and they got the message. »