Getting Into Agreement With God

We agree with him, and when we look at him, he agrees. Levi was Jacob`s third son. When Jacob wanted to die, he called his sons to bless them. Unfortunately for Levi, he received a curse for the indiscriminate murders he committed with Simeon. Jacob said that both will be scattered in Jacob and scattered in Israel. The curse they carried for about 500 years (Gen 49.5-7) When they read it from Carol on Adam and Eve and their experience and agreement with God in the Garden of Eden: Do you love Jesus? Do you love the believers with whom you have been associated? What about your spiritual walk with God? Do you agree with God about your way of life? Are there things you do or say you know he doesn`t like? Unite with God! We cannot wait for God`s blessing in our lives to the extent that He wants to bless us, if we live in rebellion, by not taking control of our mouths or our actions! I know there are areas in which we can fight and areas where we have weaknesses, but seriously, it is time to give it to God and to go in agreement with Him, to stop the excuses and claim victory in your life today. If they know there`s an area you`re fighting with, don`t wait for the situation to happen to ask for help, ask him before he gets out of bed in the morning, and every time He brings him in all day, he knows the situations that have paved the way for you, and he wants to equip you to handle those situations properly. 13 And they threw many demons, and anoinced many sick people with oil, and healed them. One way or another, the people of Ammon have gone to war with Israel. The elders of Israel then went to Jephtar to wage war. but he gave them the condition to become their leader if he won the war, which they agreed. When we have arrived on earth, without knowing it for many, the agreement we sign with our Creator is that if we use what we have, He will bless us more, but if we do not, he will collect what we have of us (Mt 25:25-28).

Joel 3:10 (NKJV) « Strike your plows into swords, and your hooks cut into spears; Let the weak say, « I am strong. » Heavenly Father, I come to you in the name of Jesus. I ask you to transplant your wisdom on prayer into my life. Above all, I would like to agree with your heart and learn to pray according to your will, your word and your ways. Help me find two or three others with whom I can learn to walk in the power of the prayers of the agreement. Thank you very much. Amen. In Luke 5.1-11, Jesus wanted to inform the people about the kingdom.