Local 537 Joint Agreement

Brothers and sisters, We are pleased to share that the Suffolk Downs Redevelopment project will be built as part of the largest private project convention in the region. Trade union companies have been working to achieve this agreement through public and private discussions with the investment group HYM, which will create 14,000 construction jobs in the region. Local 537 was with more than 3,000 members and is growing, Local 537 has worked hard to improve the way people live and work, training programs for labor productivity and safety. Apprentices « earn while learning, » work on a graduate salary while they receive evening classes. After five years of training, they finish their diploma with jobs, great benefits and debt-free. If you have any questions about apprenticeship applications, please email charkins@537trainingcenter.org or call 617-825-3777. Local 537 is proud to offer scholarships to high school students who wish to study at university. For more information on scholarship requirements and timelines, please see the following links. LU 537 Membership Scholarship Fund 2020-2021 Applicants must be members or spouses, children or grandchildren of a local member of 537. Deadline: March 30, 2020 Driving Record Application (HVAC – Only Refrigerated Competitors. Please note that you can apply for your unredealed public transport ticket from the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles online via the website Mass.gov.) The duties of an apprentice – the information needed for doctor`s Letter At Pipefitters Local 537, our members are our greatest benefits. That`s why the AU has been investing for more than a century in training programs for the most skilled workers in the United States.

No other organization meets the training needs of the pipeline industry, such as the United Association. Training is our investment in you. Pipefitters Local 537 interns learn their trade at a brand new modern training centre, envied by all Boston and national training centers. The state-of-the-art 70,000-square-metre building, opened in 2019, includes classrooms, more than 80 welding wells and enough space to train future tube decorators. Thank you for last weekend for our annual blood trip! We are so grateful for your generosity. Your donations will save lives. Johnathan Sims of Framingham, MA Pipefitters Local 537 members donate blood to the Local Red Cross 537 Blood Drive Volunteers Bill Kerrigan, Paul Our mission is simple: we do the job properly, the first time and every time. We implement a wide variety of daily measures, from innovative technology to process improvement, to increase productivity. Statistics show that union jobs are on average nearly 17% more productive than open/deserving businesses in the United States. A five-year apprenticeship program ensures that you are guided by proven techniques in all aspects of the job.