Plc Regulated Credit Agreement

« credit agreement, » the meaning of Article 60B; (b) agreements that are conditional sales or lease-to-sale contracts; (i) an agreement on the operation of an account (including a savings account) for the deposit of the money or (9) For the purposes of this chapter, where credits are granted other than pounds sterling, it must be treated as intended in sterling of an equivalent amount. (c) does not provide for or increase the rate or amount of a position included in the overall credit commission, the « fixed fund loan » under a credit contract that allows the borrower to obtain credit (in an amount or in tranches), but is not a current account; b) indicate which items should be used to determine the total credit load and what the value of these items is; « conditional notice » means an agreement to sell property or land under which the purchase price or part of it must be paid in installments and ownership of the goods or land remains in the hands of the seller (regardless of whether the purchaser must be in possession of the property or property) until the terms of payment of the payments are paid in increments or by other means , in accordance with the agreement, are respected; an agreement under point (b) financing – which the lender entered into under existing agreements between the lender and another person (« provider ») knowing that the loan would be used to finance a transaction between the borrower and the supplier; « credit, » a cash loan and other forms of financial accommodation; « exempt agreement, » a credit agreement that constitutes an agreement exempted under Articles 60 bis 60H; « deposit, » an amount (unless otherwise stated) that must be paid by a borrower in the form of a down payment or down payment or is credited with the borrower as a down payment or down payment, whether the amount is paid or paid to the lender or another person, or is exempt from a cash payment or by a transfer or delivery of property or other means; an agreement between borrowers and lenders, which funds a transaction that is related, with respect to – 60D. – 1) A credit contract is a tax-exempt agreement for the purposes of this chapter if, at the time of IPO, all amounts liability in connection with this transaction are guaranteed by a legal mortgage on the land and the condition set out in paragraph 2 is met. (a) determine how to determine the total commission of loans to a person that the borrower is or is to become under a credit contract; « payment, » with the exception of Section 60 F, a payment that includes or includes a credit amount; (8) For the purposes of this chapter, it should be calculated that a person by whom goods are leased on bail or (in Scotland) to an individual or relevant credit taker under a lease agreement makes available to that person or person a lump sum credit to finance the transaction up to the total price of the property , reduced by the amount of the down payment (if it exists) and the sum of the credits.