Texas Dir Interlocal Agreement

A sales contract issued by an agency may take the form of a licensing agreement, a declaration of work or an appropriate order for the service or property acquired by that agency. Unlike the master contract, contact with the acquisition of the Agency has a specific financial obligation for the issuing agency and gives rise to an order issued by the Agency, which refers to the DIR MC number. We look forward to working with you. Please visit DIR`s website for an inter-local agreement to purchase services through the cooperation program. This contract is managed by the Texas Department of Information Resources Cooperative Contract program. It is available for every state facility in Texas and the United States (through an interlocal agreement). Please visit the DIR page or contact us for more information. For more information, please contact Lisa Llamas at (512) 475-4549 or lisa.llamas@dir.texas.gov. dir.texas.gov/View-Search/Contracts-Detail.aspx?contractnumber=DIR-TSO-4106&keyword=training Carahsoft Technology Corp.11493 Sunset Hills RoadSuite 100Reston, VA 20190Direct: (703) 871-8500 Toll free: (888) 662-2724 Fax: (703) 871-8505 E-mail: texasdir@carahsoft.com dir.texas.gov/View-Contracts-And-Services/Pages/Content.aspx?id=2 customers are limited to DCS customers and local governments with a multiplicity or interlocal agreement signed with DIR. Carahsofts calendars, Contracts and sales contracts makes it easy and easy to get the solutions you need. All master contracts entered into by DIR are awarded through an open and competitive procurement process, starting with a formal and public offer request (PMO). Once YOU award a master contract under the Cooperative Contracts program, agencies can issue sales contracts under this CS (by reference) without further competition.

Agencies may request offers or work instructions from several MCs if they deem it necessary or appropriate for a particular transaction. DIR encourages agencies to do so in order to continue to compete for the best value of each sales contract an agency wishes to issue. [Code of Government, nos 2155.504 and 2054.0565] DIR`s contract managers monitor the performance and sales reports of the Master Credit Contract. Creditors must submit sales reports by the 15th of each month, reflecting their sales activity in the previous month. Each customer, including all governments, is required to follow their own internal policies and government laws regarding contracts, purchases and ethics when purchasing through a MC DIR. Note: All DIR MC sales data can be accessed on data.texas.gov. Before purchasing a technology product, non-governmental public bodies must have an implemented interconnection contract (ISC). Please see the list below (organized by the state) to see if your organization has already reached an agreement with YOU. . . .

The City of New Haven and The City of New Haven Board of Education, Connecticut, DIR-TSO-IC805 – PDF (85 KB) Project management service providers may perform one or all of the project management processes identified by the Project Management Institute, as published in the PMBOKpublished® Guide, Fifth Edition or published last. No no. The quality assurance team offers quality assurance reviews for specific and defined technology projects. Often, major agency technology projects include sales contracts under DIR master contracts, but the QAT mission is to evaluate a project on the basis of timing, budget and sizeable commitments to the authorities.