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You agree that all agreements, communications, advertisements and other communications that MM makes available to you electronically meet all legal requirements that these communications must make in writing. 10.1 Full agreement and ranking. This agreement (including a purchase order) is the whole agreement between you and us regarding the service and replaces all prior and concomitant agreements, proposals or assurances, written or oral agreements concerning their purpose. Any amendment, amendment or waiver of a provision of this Agreement only has effect if it is signed in writing and by the party against which the amendment, amendment or exemption must be invoked. The provisions set out in the main part of this agreement control all the contrary conditions of an order form and/or other agreement between the parties, unless the order form or other agreement expressly predisposes something else. The securities used in this contract are included only for convenience and will not limit these conditions or otherwise affect them. They agree not to copy, create, reproduce, duplicate, distribute, download, edit, publish, produce, sell, resell, transfer, transfer, transfer or exploit for commercial purposes some of the « content » defined as all products in this User Directive. Services and information, including, but not limited, to all page titles, images, graphics, texts, logos, button icons, design, layout, software (including source code), sounds, music, video files and data that are provided on this site, with the exception of forms, publications and other interactive online forms for public use or use by members (together. You must keep all author mentions, trademarks, service marks and other information contained in the original content in any authorized copy you create on this site.

The website can only be used for legitimate purposes by authorized persons. The commitments and commitments made by the parties prior to the termination date of this contract apply to all uses. Green Advantage can use « cookies » to secure your transaction activities and improve site performance. A cookie is a small amount of ID data sent by a Green Advantage web server to your browser and stored on your computer`s hard drive. In general, Green Advantage can use cookies to: (a) remind them who you are to offer you a better and more personal service and (b) appreciate the size of the audience. By determining the nature and extent of reuse, Green Advantage will be able (c) to direct information based on your interests to you; and (d) measure certain modes of transportation to understand how users` habits are similar or different, so that Green Advantage can improve the site.